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Smart Wearable electronics in the days of Covid-19 Epidemic

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Wearable Electronics are Getting Internet of Things (IoT) into real life.

What may connect a virus and the evolution of electronics in our lives?

In the days of a so-called pandemic such as COVID-19 the solution to the new problems arising is so far provided by the technology evolution and adaptiveness that it provides. One of these evolution is the Wearable Electronics that come into our lives with various capabilities.

Lockdown is the word that makes everyone these days skeptical about the future of the normal, of the ordinary. How can we continue our life without connecting and communicating with people? Electronic industry is now facing a big challenge: to help people make the most out of the everyday life even if facing factors such as lockdowns and the restrictions applied by the government in order to protect the people.

Wearable Electronics and Internet of Things are two different sectors for most of the people. Wearable electronics are devices that, work while we carry them on us, or at least most of the time. In the category of Wearable Electronics can be assigned almost every sensor that can gather information from the human body, such as heart rate, temperature, O2 levels etc. So far, the most known wearable is the smartwatch, with limited capabilities compared to what it could provide to the user. Accessing all this information about our body leads to new areas and capabilities if used right.

Internet of Things is probably the link that combined with wearable electronics may be the way to overcome the problems occurring by the Coronavirus implications and at the same time provide security and a new way of living. Internet of Things is the technology chain that connects multiple devices, sensors, real time analytics home appliances together into one. Combining the gathered data and applying the right changes is what makes this technology to be in the center of the attention in the tech world.

Having now the ability to make our house more sustainable and in a way independent is the next step towards a life with less worries and more accurate ways to help people overcome the restrictions applied because of Coronavirus. Wearable Electronics can now provide the right data that combined with IoT can adjust temperature, light, shades, central alarm systems,  home audio systems and many more, while at the same time can monitor the quality of air that we breathe to make our house a safe environment to live in.

As the field of electronics get wider on a daily basis, we at Ark Electronics are here to provide the needed technology, automations, manufacturing and designing of the electronic devices that will deliver the suitable services according to our clients’ needs.

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