Industries We Support

Delivering Value Across Industries

After years of experience providing services to companies around the world,
we understand that every industry has its own set of challenges.

Ark Electronics Cultivating Innovation

Consumer Electronics

Through deep expertise in consumer electronics, we power brands that transform the everyday experience. Using manufacturing capabilities such as AI, SMT, and PCB assembly, we streamline production and connect the world. We support a variety of sectors, including:
  • Mobile Communications
  • Home Entertainment & Gaming
  • Personal Computers
  • Home Appliances
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality

Connected Vehicles

As IoT applications expand, demand continues to grow in in the automotive industry. We facilitate high-performance solutions that improve efficiency and revolutionize the driving experience. Connected car technology is no longer a dream for the future, but a reality for today.

When tied to the IoT, a vehicle turns data into actionable insights, both around it and inside it as well.

Industrial IoT

At Ark, we partner with customers to design, prototype, and scale IoT device solutions across a variety of commercial and industrial markets. We develop hardware design ecosystems, adapting to the needs of ever-changing and growing industries.

Ark helps businesses use the IoT to solve long-standing industry-specific challenges. Develop IoT solutions that connect things, collect data, and derive insights to reduce costs, improve productivity, and increase revenue.