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PCBA & “Box Build”

Production with Precision

Why Choose Ark Electronics for Electronic Contract Manufacturing

The Ark Electronics’ mission is simple: Create long-term, collaborative, win-win partnerships with each of our global customers to produce high-quality electronic products at scale.  Whether it is our precision Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA) or complete Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) solutions,  we deliver on our mission—the first time, every time.

Our customers value Ark’s highly trained and skilled associates, superior manufacturing knowledge, rigorous quality control processes, and advanced production technologies. They also appreciate and trust our experienced and resourceful North American teams’ ability to manage a seamless manufacturing experience end-to-end, efficiently, and effectively. It is a unique and successful combination in the industry.

Underscoring our commitment to upholding the highest standards in every project, our globally recognized certifications include ISO 9001, ISO27001, ISO45001, ISO14001 and IATF 16949.

Unmatched PCBA Expertise

Ark’s core expertise lies in assembling high-quality PCBAs at scale. We leverage our technical leadership to help customers achieve quick speed-to-market with cost-effective production while maintaining the highest level of product quality. Our long-term experience in high-volume production for some of the largest and most demanding customers in the industry has resulted in a process rigor mindset that spans the entire PCBA lifecycle and achieves predictable, repeatable, and sustainable outcomes in everything we do.

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End-to-End Manufacturing Excellence

Ark Electronics’ EMS Services include full-cycle electronic solutions from R&D to manufacturing to Supply chain management—and everything in between.

Our EMS extended capabilities include:

  • DESIGN – Product Design, DFM, DFT, DFSC, DFA, FMEA Risk Analysis, IDFx Methodology
  •  SOURCING – Component Selection, Supplier Selection, Procurement & Supply Chain Management, IQC (Incoming Quality Control)
  • CERTIFICATION MANAGEMENT – UL, CUL, CE, FCC, Mobile Network Operator Certifications, PTCRB
  •  PRE-PRODUCTION – Product Qualification, Injection Mold Creation, Product Transfer Management
  • PRODUCTION – PCB Assembly, NPI, Integration & Final Assembly, Box Build, Programming, Provisioning
  • TESTING –  AOI (Automated Optical Inspection), ICT (In-Circuit Testing), FCT (Functional Testing), X-Ray Inspection, Burn-in Testing
  •  POST-PRODUCTION – Custom Packaging, Logistics, Material Traceability, ECN & PCN Processing

We recognize that each customer and each situation is unique. We can do as much or as little as each customer requires. Our goal is to support customers in bringing their products to a successful launch while easily achieving all their KPIs. We handle all the manufacturing details, freeing our customers to focus on their own strategic initiatives without distraction.

Advanced Production Capabilities

Utilizing smart manufacturing practices and cutting-edge technology, our assembly lines are equipped to handle the latest component technologies, ensuring precision, efficiency, and coordination throughout the entire manufacturing process. With Ark Electronics, every detail is meticulously managed from design to final delivery, ensuring superior quality and timely delivery for each customer’s innovative solution.

Advanced Production Capabilities


  • Surface-Mount Technology (SMT)
  • Automatic Picking & Kitting
  • Stencil Optical Control
  • Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)
  • Automatic Optical Inspection
  • Reflow Oven 12 Zones
  • Pin Through Hole Technology (PTH)
  • Dual Inline Packaging (DIP)
  • Solder Wave Machine
  • Chip On Board (COB)
  • Press Fit Technology


  • PCB Routing Separator/Depanelization
  • In-Circuit Test (ICT)
  • Potting
  • Conformal Coating w/UV Inspection
  • Functional Test (FCT)
  • Temperature Cycling/Burn-In
  • Integration/Box/System Assembly
  • Labeling/Packaging
Additional Highlights

  • Traceability
  • Temperature/Humidity Control
  • ESD Monitoring & Control
  • Clean Room Environment
  • Full Video Monitoring
  • Security Access Control – Multifactor Authentication
  • High-Security Partitions – Fully Supervised and Monitored Areas

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities


Qingdao, China


Chengdu, China


Weifang, China

ArkElectronics Meeting

How it Works

Phase 1: Discovery & Assessment

  • Production & Supply Chain Strategy
  • Product Readiness Review
  • Timeline & Tollgate Requirement
  • Product’s Technical Documents Assessment
  • Quality, Environment, Logistics, Timeline Requirement Review
  • Tooling & Investment Requirement
  • Design For “X”  Review (DFM, DFT, DFSC, DFA…)
  • Research And Development

Phase 2: Review & Proposal

  • Requirement Acknowledgement – Capability Matrix
  • Technical, Logistical, And Commercial Proposal
  • Project Focus Team Implementation
  • Planning And Setting Up Different Tools Such As APQP, FMEA, MSA, SPC…
  • Initial Contract Discussions

Phase 3: Testing & Validation

  • Fast Prototyping – Product Readiness Assessment
  • Pilot Run – Process Readiness Assessment
  • Transfer To Mass Production – Tollgate Review
  • Contract Finalization
  • Supply Chain Setup, ERP, Forecast
  • Audit, Qualification / Customer Verification

Phase 4: Volume Production

  • Process Monitoring
  • SQCDP (Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, And People)
  • Quarterly Business Review (QBR), Including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Review + Actions Plan
  • Customer Satisfaction Monitoring
  • On-going Cost Productivity Opportunities & Suggestions (Deflation, Value Engineering, Productivity)


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