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Local Program Management with Low-Cost-Country (LCC) Electronics Manufacturing

The Value of North American and European Leadership

There are several key factors that determine why an  OEM may choose a particular end-to-end Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) or PCBA provider. Chief among them is the ability to deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions at scale.  Doing so often requires dealing with an EMS that is in a low-cost country (LCC).   Those LCC cost-savings often come with language barriers, multiple time differences, and cultural complexities making effective interaction across the teams very difficult.  Add to that the fact that bringing a new product to market requires multiple handoffs from concept to design to prototype to mass production journey.  Each of the handoffs is critical and missed steps mean problems down the line.  Bridging those gaps can be complex and even daunting.    

What truly differentiates Ark Electronics from most other companies with factories in LCCs is our English-speaking, North American, and European-based manufacturing leadership team.  With an international headquarters based in Irvine, California, and a European office in Bordeaux, France,  Ark provides a seamless and unified option with a local-continent, single point of contact for our global clients.  We provide a management layer on behalf of our customers that harmonizes interactions with our own factories or between our global manufacturing network partners to deliver optimal results.  Our customers can focus on their strategic priorities and their customers.  Ark handles the details and removes the complexities and frustrations associated with LCC production.

Bob Meyerson, CEO of Ark Electronics, said, “Our unique approach offers the best of both worlds—global reach through our global factory network located in Asia, Europe, or Mexico.   Our localized North American and European management presence in your time zone simplifies your interactions while still delivering customer-centric solutions. This global reach and local expertise approach plays to our strength in effective program management, ensuring timely execution, adherence to quality standards, and client satisfaction.”

Facilitating this approach, Ark has also established affiliate partnerships in North America and Europe that provide localized design, engineering, and prototyping.  With our low-cost manufacturing options in Mexico, Asia, and Eastern Europe. this approach enables smoother market entry and can, in some cases, significantly reduce the impact of tariffs, while ensuring cost-competitive and localized solutions.

Ark serves both leading and emerging consumer electronics, mobile communications, automotive, medical, and industrial IoT brands

We hold ourselves to the highest industry standards. Our promise of integrity rests on quality.  Ark holds multiple ISO and other quality certifications including ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, ISO27001, ISO45001, and IATF 19649.

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