A Unified Culture of Integrity and Excellence

Who we are as people is just as important as what we create

About Ark - North America, Asia and Europe

Our Company

Located in North America, Asia, and Europe, Ark is an end-to-end Electronics Manufacturing Solutions (EMS) company that serves leading consumer electronics, mobile communications, power electronics, home entertainment, automotive, commercial and industrial IoT brands. Combining technical expertise with agile manufacturing processes, we enable customers to create original products and solutions at scale. By researching and applying the latest technologies, we anticipate our partners’ changing needs and provide the assurance they require to remain competitive and successful in a rapidly changing world.

Every project presents the opportunity to forge a long-standing relationship for mutual prosperity. We strive to demonstrate strength of character and authenticity through transparency because we believe the most critical aspect of any business is integrity., 

Ark Electonics Company

Our Story

Ark’s dedication to quality and relentless spirit of innovation have been fostered since the beginning. In 2011, Founder and Chairwoman Mrs. Wen Xia Zhang stepped up to lead our first facility through a period of economic uncertainty. While other manufacturers in the region were embroiled in labor turmoil, her determined leadership galvanized the company. Bringing employees together within a safe and supportive working environment, Mrs. Zhang brought resilience and prosperity. As a reflection of that trying period, she chose the name Ark to signify refuge.

Today, this philosophy is infused throughout the organization. Guided by strong principles, we continue to strive together and uphold integrity in all dealings. This shared mission and commitment to excellence propelled our rapid rise in Asian and now, globally. 

To better serve our clients’ global needs, Ark Electronics, Inc. was established in Irvine, California in 2017. Together, we have grown to 1,100 trained employees across multiple global facilities, including a research and development center. We have continuously increased our combined production capacity, producing 100+ million pieces per year. Ark is fully equipped to uphold our commitment to our partners, our employees, and our environment.

Fostering a culture of excellence

At Ark, our fellow employees are like family. We work with each other and for each other, unified by our commitment to achieve prosperity for all.

Who we are as people is just as important as what we create.


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