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An agile approach to digital transformation

At Ark, we’ve combined intelligent manufacturing with agile practices. Our Agile Intelligent Manufacturing (AIM) methodology can shave months from product development timelines while ensuring the highest standards in integrity.

AI, robotics, and advanced analytics have led to an intelligent revolution in electronics manufacturing. Through prototyping, low-volume manufacturing, and pre-certified reference design, AIM combines the latest manufacturing capabilities with agile product development processes. This powerful methodology is designed to not only drastically accelerate your time to market but enable your organization’s digital transformation at scale.

How it Works

AIM is an all-encompassing methodology comprised of agile development solutions, collaborative processes, and effective risk management plans that ensure quality outcomes while increasing efficiency. Through relentless innovation, we’re making the product development cycle more responsive. Our agile approach and continuous delivery are ideally positioned to address the challenges of our increasingly connected world.

Agile Development
Our agile methodology enhances collaboration within teams. Harnessing the power of the latest tools results in shorter lead times and greater overall efficiency. Through prototyping and low-volume manufacturing, we enable iterative development from concept to scale, providing seamless prototyping services locally in North America.

When it comes to IoT, we believe in a pre-integrated, modular approach. Understanding that one size never fits all, we use pre-certified, off-the-shelf reference designs for diverse applications across a range of industries. This approach speeds the prototyping process, improving both time-to-market and design efficiencies.

Finally, we understand that no product is truly viable until all certifications are in place. Our agile intelligent approach to manufacturing encompasses all government technology standards and carrier certification requirements. As part of the overall intelligent product delivery process we handle all new product certifications so you don’t have to, clearing the way for more rapid global deployment.

Ark Electronics Agile Intelligent Manufacturing
Ark Electronics Business Process Management

Business Process Management

It’s vital that processes are agreed upon at the outset. Business process parameters are the guidelines and success metrics for a given project. We determine parameters collaboratively at a project’s outset, using all the data at our disposal. Reviews are held throughout, with results and updates shared regularly, allowing us to meaningfully track success and achieve precise outcomes. Our teams remain unified and focused by adhering to our core business process objectives.

Process and Risk Management

The Process and Risk Management Methodology is our approach to minimizing the chance of costly errors on a given project. The greatest single factor in any project’s success is the matching of knowledgeable team members to suit your needs from the beginning. Engineers at Ark draw on industry expertise with backgrounds in design, maintenance, operating, and process systems. Our process and risk management specialists fully understand the program implementation requirements, as well as how our factories and plants operate. With years of experience in process and facility management, they are more than equipped to ensure all facets of the production cycle stay on track.

Through a powerful combination of standards and committee work, formal training, and extensive process and risk management experience, Ark is uniquely qualified to lead each project to success.

We work together to identify events that may affect your business goals and objectives. Potentially negative events provide us context for assessing risk and responses to it, while positive ones represent opportunities that may further your objectives.

We determine the likelihood and consequences of each identified risk based on our knowledge of the threats, opportunities, and factors critical to your success. This builds an understanding of the nature of the risk and its potential effects on your business goals and objectives.

By ranking the identified risks by determining the risk magnitude—the combination of likelihood and consequence—we gauge the necessary response. Based on this assessment, we collaborate to determine if certain risks should be retained or transferred.

Control & Monitor
We collaborate to create and implement policies and procedures that ensure the risk responses are carried out effectively. Performance of these risk management strategies should be assessed continually for context and feedback.

Ark Electronics Risk Management


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