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silicon photonics

Silicon Photonics May Remedy the Interconnect Bottlenecks of Moore’s Law

Could silicon photonics shape future technologies? A recent article presented a new option in the challenging system bottleneck. This is an issue that has been creating roadblocks to the EMS industry over the last decade. For years, industry experts are in constant debate on exactly when Moore’s law will cease to apply. Microprocessor architects report […]

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EMS company

Why turning to an EMS provider company is a great option?

Electronics Manufacturing Services(EMS) Why go to outsourcing? Is it a strategic decision? Senior company leadership might ask, “Wouldn’t the strategic decision be to build our own internal manufacturing infrastructure?  That would allow us to keep all of our manufacturing capabilities and staff in-house, so that we would have more visibility and control over what is […]

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Discover 5 prototyping mistakes costing money and time

Discover 6 prototyping mistakes costing money and time.

Prototyping stage The prototyping stage plays a key role when it comes to the manufacturing of a new product. It is very essential to spot any malfunctions in software and hardware that can cause actions that differ from what the product made to do. In the prototyping stage, we can detect defects that cause insignificant […]

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E-Vehicle, promising innovative future of transportation

The history and future of the E-vehicle Over the past year, many industries faced the urgent need to overcome unforeseen hurdles in order to adapt to the changing landscape this world-wide pandemic has presented. The electronics industry, for example, is still evolving at a rapid pace, even though it faces shortages of components, amongst other […]

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6 Awesome Future Transportation drastically changing the future

Which could be the Transportation Technologies Changing future Transportation Currently, modern transportation is undergoing significant changes thanks to changes in transportation technology. Even though we’re used to long international flights, congested public transport, and diesel trucks reaching only 20 miles per gallon, the future of transportation promises to change all of this and more – and […]

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CES2021: 9 Innovative products that we have seen.

CES2021 Brought us into the future CES2021 once again gave tech lovers a glimpse into the future – flying electric cars, rolling-screen smartphones, home-grown robots and much more. However, will some of those innovations reach your home or your way? Time will tell. However, the annual technology report offered several daring ideas that caught our […]

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Sound Devices

Sound devices, a way to move forward in 2021

Sound devices in the market The everyday gadgets market is getting reformed to reflect the needs of the customers. A key factor that changes the consumers’ habits is their mood along with another and more stable aspect, their psychological status. For example, through music plenty of people find comfort, inspiration, get through a situation or […]

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6 Most discussed evolving technologies at CES2021

CES2021 The first month of 2021 finds CES2021, on the contrary to previous years, because of Covid-19, exclusively in the digital world. The dates of CES2021 are 11-14 of January. Like every year, this year also there are a plethora of Devices, Technologies and new issues presented at the Consumer Technology Exhibition. “CES® is the […]

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EveryWord™ Audio Front End module qualified by Amazon’s Voice Service

EveryWord™ Far-field Audio Front End (AFE) module qualified by Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service(AVS)   ArkX Laboratories, a joint venture between hardware design and development firm Surfaceink and consumer electronics manufacturing company Ark USA, announced that the  high-performance EveryWord™ Audio Front End (AFE) module has been qualified in both 2 and 4 mic configurations by Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service (AVS). […]

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