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Silicon Photonics May Remedy the Interconnect Bottlenecks of Moore’s Law

Could silicon photonics shape future technologies? A recent article presented a new option in the challenging system bottleneck. This is an issue that has been creating roadblocks to the EMS industry over the last decade. For years, industry experts are in constant debate on exactly when Moore’s law will cease to apply. Microprocessor architects report […]

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E-Vehicle, promising innovative future of transportation

The history and future of the E-vehicle Over the past year, many industries faced the urgent need to overcome unforeseen hurdles in order to adapt to the changing landscape this world-wide pandemic has presented. The electronics industry, for example, is still evolving at a rapid pace, even though it faces shortages of components, amongst other […]

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Evaluating a PCBA Manufacturer

Evaluating the right PCB Manufacturer for you

Trying to identify a PCB manufacturer that will provide credentials for long-term cooperation is a difficult task for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

The global market is packed with plenty of PCB manufacturers and other relative services providers. Additionally, several factors can critically affect -positively or negatively- any OEM electronics production when outsourcing PCB manufacturing.

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The Future of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

The Future of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

Printed circuit boards have evolved and advanced over a century. The first PCB was invented in the early 1900s by Albert Hanson but it took some years for PCBs until their patenting by Paul Eisler in 1943. Initially, US Army used Printed circuit boards before been integrated in limited consumer products.

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