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Why Ark Electronics: Superior Quality, High-Volume, Low-Cost PCBA & EMS Manufacturing at Scale

5 Sigma Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) Provider M

In a nutshell…

  • High volume 5-Sigma quality manufacturing
  • Low to medium volume integration
  • Best Landed Cost
  • English-speaking leadership and support in North America and Europe
  • Customized services to fit your exact needs

The Ark Electronics’ mission is simple: Create long-term, collaborative, win-win partnerships with each of our global customers to produce high-quality electronic products at scale. Whether it is our precision Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA) or complete Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) solutions, we deliver on our mission—the first time, every time.

Our global customers value Ark’s highly-trained and skilled associates, superior manufacturing knowledge, rigorous quality control processes, and advanced production technologies. They also appreciate and trust our experienced and resourceful North American and European teams’ ability to manage a seamless manufacturing experience end-to-end, efficiently, and effectively. It’s an unique and successful combination in the industry.

Collaborative Partnership

At Ark, we partner with our global customers to fully understand your electronic manufacturing needs. Our North American and European-based leadership is committed to clear communication and accurate interpretation of your requirements, allowing for a collaborative and agile approach that overcomes the challenges of overseas manufacturing. Our turnkey service offering means that we can manufacture complete, integrated, and tested products across multiple sites in Asia, Europe or in North America.

Assured Quality

Emphasizing quality and service, our manufacturing sites have earned critical certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO14001, ISO27001, ISO45001. and IATF 16949. This ensures safety, security, and information protection – crucial for our North American and European clients manufacturing in Asia.

Location & Logistics

Our manufacturing facilities in China are strategically located near major ports, airports, and rail links for both North America and Europe. China-based production additionally optimizes logistics, with 95% of materials sourced in local proximity to the factory.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Ark boasts the latest cutting-edge equipment, ensuring superior production quality. Our clients seek excellence in the field, so we have introduced quality-enhancing capabilities into our production lines. These include dimensional control of our stencil openings, automatic inline PCB cleaning before screen printing, AOI before and after reflow to detect potential quality risks, automatic FAI tools for setup control at the start of production, and sophisticated control tools throughout the manufacturing process.

Access to the Chinese Market

China is currently undergoing a digital and energy transformation, with growing needs in sectors such as telecom, security, energy transition, entertainment, and e-mobility. The increasing presence of connected devices and AI further fuel this demand. This creates an additional incentive for North American and European companies to collaborate with us. By partnering with Ark, you receive support for low-cost manufacturing for Europe and North America and gain access to the much larger Chinese market through our many contacts and business partners there. This opens up the possibility of ‘manufacturing in China for China,’ leveraging the significant volumes to become even more competitive in your primary markets.

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