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Five Steps for Selecting Your Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) Provider

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Outsourcing to an Electronics Manufacturing Service provider (EMS)

Do you need an Electronics Manufacturing Service provider?
If yes, what are the key components to identify one?

It is a fact that today, millions of people around the world rely on electronic devices. Electronics have become an essential part of their daily lives. Whether it’s a computer, a smartphone, a TV set, a microwave, or even a refrigerator, most of these types of home appliances and entertainment systems have a circuit board within them. As technology has evolved and become essential to any daily routine, printed circuit boards assemblies or PCBAs, have become vital to modern living.

PCBAs are widely used in various industries and the applications of PCBAs are constantly growing. From communications and home appliances to industrial equipment and entertainment systems. Literally, almost any product that interacts with the user requires a Printed Circuit Board. Even if there are already countless applications of how printed circuit boards can be used in industries and sectors, the future possibilities are endless.

That being said, if you are a product manufacturer, it is very likely that sooner or later you will need some kind of PCBA to be assembled for your product. So, if you have an ongoing project or your business requires PCBA manufacturing and assembly, then outsourcing your PCBAs to an Electronics Manufacturing Service provider (EMS) is critical.

As there is such a high demand for circuit boards to be mass produced for the consumer electronics sector, it’s important that PCBA manufacturers or EMS providers maintain the quality and uniformity to ensure safety and compliance. This is why there are regulations and standards that EMS providers need to meet.

To take full advantage of the benefits of outsourcing PCBAs, it is essential to team up with the best Electronics Manufacturing Service provider (EMS) for your needs. Choosing an unreliable EMS provider, or one that does not meet your standards can lead to an undesirable outcome and possibly tarnish your company’s reputation. There are many variables involved in making a product successful. Working with the right contract manufacturer can give you the peace of mind necessary to focus your energy on running your business.

Here are five basic steps to consider when selecting your Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS)

select Your Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS)

1. Determine capabilities and fields of expertise and create a list.

It helps to determine exactly what you require from an EMS provider in order to achieve a successful relation. Begin with identifying the reasons you are choosing to outsource and your company’s goals for the project. With these in mind, list specific capabilities you are looking for in an EMS provider, such as specific industry experience, cost advantages, local customer service, flexibility, innovation, project management, cutting-edge manufacturing technology, and/or supply chain management. Now, you can reach out to EMS Providers and see which one best suits your needs.

2. Find and ask the questions that will make the difference.

Knowing what to ask while communicating with an EMS provider is crucial for addressing your concerns. Transparent and informative communication about pricing and procedures can help determine if an EMS provider is a right match for you.

Begin by asking if the company is willing to provide things you need upfront and provide accurate price estimates and timeframes. Asking about how they ensure quality control can also help in evaluating if they will be a good fit for your project. Ideally, they would be adopting official guidelines, such as ISO quality standards. Also, the contract manufacturer’s in-house processes should be evaluated to determine that the services offered match your needs, and that they have the means required to protect your intellectual property. Furthermore, ask about initiatives, principles, and how they will be addressing your needs specifically. For example, they could offer you your own project manager.


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3. Take a look at The Team

Outsourcing to an Electronics Manufacturing Service provider (EMS)

Human interactions play a key role in a successful collaboration, so getting to know who you will be working with is vital. Punctuality, support, knowledge, relevant language skills, and competence, along with awards, certifications, or reviews, can help provide insight into how the team interacts with you and with the projects they manage. Also, scheduling interviews with the team members can give you an understanding of the company’s personality. You want to know if they are ready to work with excitement and passion to accomplish your project goals. This will help you determine how committed they are to the partnership’s success.

4.Certifications can make your product shine and the whole process smoother.


Every EMS provider should be able to provide evidence of their certifications when requested. Quality, expertise, and consistency can be displayed through these certifications, hence their importance. Some common ones are ISO, AS and ITAR certifications, but there are many others, so it is important to try and find which ones apply to your project.

5.Take your time  and carefully consider your options.

It is essential to take the next step forward on solid ground. Opting for the right EMS provider can result in taking your product and company to the next level. Failing in this decision can lead to many problems that are not easily rectified. When it is done right, both parties have a lot to gain. A new partnership can be groundbreaking, so choose the option that is best for you and enjoy the benefits of your choice for years to come!

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