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6 Most discussed evolving technologies at CES2021



The first month of 2021 finds CES2021, on the contrary to previous years, because of Covid-19, exclusively in the digital world. The dates of CES2021 are 11-14 of January. Like every year, this year also there are a plethora of Devices, Technologies and new issues presented at the Consumer Technology Exhibition.

“CES® is the most influential tech event in the world — the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. This is where the world’s biggest brands do business and meet new partners, and the sharpest innovators hit the stage. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, CES2021 features every aspect of the tech sector.

Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, CES2021 features every aspect of the tech sector.”

Source: CES

This year at CES there are 6 most discussed technology areas.

1. 5G Technologies

A vast new type of devices, the need for faster interaction and a transformation of the way tech is used today, demanded a new way of connecting to the internet.

A lot of the topics-presentations at CES2021, talks and posters had as their core subject 5G technologies.

Carriers, as well as mobile operators, demonstrated how the newest advancements in 5G’s speed, performance and dependability will drive innovation and provide industries like entertainment, digital health and smart cities the needed advancements to continue evolving.

Another important topic of discussion was raising awareness and pointing out the need for informing people that according to data, consumer health will not be adversely affected by 5G radio waves.

2. IoT

IoT is expanding and takes a vast amount of attention and interest among electronic companies and smart device manufacturers. Through this widespread acceptance and investing, more and more households will be equipped with IoT devices.

Expanding means new types of devices and new needs. A lot of topics in the CES2021 were about these needs and new types.

Mainly discussed, related to 5G technology, were the needs of IoT, as it expands more and more. Having an increasing number of connected devices consumes bandwidth for internet use and reaches the limits of the number of devices connected simultaneously. 5G comes as the solution to these problems and it seems that these 2 technologies will work side by side for the imminent future.

3. Wearables

Like last year, wearable electronics made their appearance in this year’s exhibition.

Progress in sensor technology, cloud computing, smart fabrics, flexible films and more are taking wearables to the next level, improving track activity and increasing connectivity.

Wearable found their place in today’s changing world, implementing a fast solution in health monitoring and in fitness tracking. Health is a number one priority, thus it should be protected in any way possible. Presented at the exhibition were wearables that can help track Covid-19 symptoms, wearables for improving fitness sleep and in general, everyday life.

4. AI

AI at the top charts once more, providing solutions and ways of making life simpler safer and more efficient. This year AI is present and connected with most of the topics, from Robotics to Automotives, to Health, to the manufacturing of products.

Hardware and software AI solutions that transform the experience of the user through machine learning, voice and facial recognition. Safer transportation through AI-enabled sensors. Personalization of space around you and of your devices reflecting your needs. AI enables improvement of immunity to viruses and a new healthier lifestyle.

5. Healthcare

Healthcare, as it was slightly obvious was a key subject, being part of various different tech sectors from Robotics, AR, VR, XR to AI and IoT.

Healthcare devices, for personal health monitoring, presented as wearables, rings and necklaces, smart home sensors and many more.

In CES2021 there were also a lot of topics discussing the innovation brought through Robotics and AR, VR, XR in surgeries and in patient assistant. Healthcare has many possibilities for improvement and the technology of today can offer more than enough room for “miracles”.

6. New displays for TVs, laptops and Smartphones

Throughout the last decade displays changed drastically in resolution, size, appearance, color, power consumption and capabilities.

Rollout, transparent, painting-like TVs. Mobile phones that fold.

These types of displays as stated can offer a wide variety of implementation to different occasions and places, mostly out of home areas, at restaurants to entertain people and separates tables or even used as windows to provide information while they allow some visibility.

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