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We have the expertise needed to design, engineer, and manufacture connected, sensor-equipped wireless products in a cost-effective manner.

Drawing on our expertise in digital transformation, we support our clients to deliver innovative IoT solutions at scale, providing the resilience needed to thrive. We understand that the process is complex and detailed, so we work in partnership with you for successful deployment and long-term results. From framing the business case internally and navigating existing systems, to device certification and ongoing operation, we are fully committed to providing you with robust solutions to realize your digital outcomes.

How it Works

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing the globe, and companies cannot afford to ignore it. By 2020, IoT will connect as many as 28 billion devices, from cars to wearables to the smart factory. IoT products permeate our personal lives and our work lives, and will only continue to do so. For companies, the return on investments of IoT solutions and services has increased significantly, bringing the innovation and efficiencies to their internal operations and, more importantly, enhancing the value to their customers.

IoT Product Certification

IoT products must meet regulatory and in-country network operators’ requirements to be deployed on the global mobile network. Interoperability is crucial for IoT to reach its full market potential, since there is currently no universal standard. IoT devices rely on various protocols to communicate with each other and the Internet, so it’s essential for every device to communicate easily and seamlessly. Most IoT devices are equipped with Internet-connected sensors in addition to multiple RF radios that create, send, and receive data. The certification of an IoT product confirms this real-time data processing while meeting the other necessary requirements. At Ark, we offer full cellular product certification services, including FCC, PTCRB, and carrier certification, eliminating client headaches and guaranteeing that our IoT products are delivered on schedule and ready to deploy.
Ark Electronics IoT Solutions
Ark Electronics IoT Solutions

Global Market Access

We help simplify multiple-market compliance by bundling product tests and certifications to meet all relevant national and regional market standards for IoT devices. Regardless of your location, our comprehensive solution simplifies the process, reduces administrative and project management costs, and accelerates access to global markets.

At Ark, we work with clients’ existing cellular carriers and device management platform providers to ensure your devices connect reliably and securely. From design and prototyping to full commercial deployment, we always consider the SIM insertion and testing procedure throughout the process.


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