Meet our Leadership Team

E.J. Constantine

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

E.J. Constantine Founder & Chief Executive Officer

A true pioneer, E J. Constantine was a driving force behind the development and adoption of electric vehicle innovation. Under his steadfast leadership, CAT Holdings, UK developed an electric utility load-leveling fuel cell, a hybrid electric vehicle, as well as established initiatives to promote clean air in North America. Mr. Constantine continued to impact the electric vehicle industry by acting as the principal commercial consultant for the City of Los Angeles, implementing their Electric Vehicle Initiative.

Prior to Ark, Mr. Constantine was CEO of HPE America (a Piero Ferrari holding), overseeing engineering initiatives among Ferrari Cars, Ferrari Formula 1, NASCAR, and automotive manufacturers across European and American markets. Previously, he headed a private holding company, MY Ventures, whose portfolio included international businesses spanning electronic manufacturing, IoT vehicle telematics systems, and electric vehicle development with BMW.

Mr. Constantine’s industry gravitas is evident in his membership on esteemed boards, including Numerex’s Board of Directors, the Scripps College Board of Trustees, the Kravis Leadership Institute Board of Governors, Founder of the Los Angeles Electric Transportation Commercial Advisory Board, and Co-Founder of the Electric Transportation Coalition in Washington, D.C.