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Corporate enterprises today demand digital transformation and innovation. At Ark, we’re here to empower them. Through end-to-end electronics manufacturing, design, and IoT services, we solve complex business challenges and deliver cost-effective solutions at scale. Together, we help our customers thrive in an increasingly connected world.

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    6 Reasons To Choose Our PCBA Services

    Here's what makes Ark Electronics Stand out

    Manufacture reliability

    Recognized as a technology leader, Ark Electronics provides end-to-end manufacturing and engineering solutions, delivering superior quality, support, and delivery services to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) primarily in the consumer, IoT, industrial and automotive markets.

    Personalised local support

    Ark Electronics makes every corporate, manufacturing, and design decision with the customer in mind, ensuring its needs are always met and exceeded. Ark prides itself on actively researching, creating, and anticipating its clients’ changing needs and the markets it serves. 

    Regular direct interaction

    Regular interaction with our clients is what makes Ark Electronics stand out. Regardless of your location, Ark simplifies the process, reduces administrative and project management costs, and accelerates access to global markets.

    Packaging Solutions

    Ark Electronics provides comprehensive printing and packaging solutions uniquely designed and manufactured for our customers. Ark has enjoyed long-term partnerships with many well-known printing companies. Collective experience includes packaging for brands such as Samsung and Apple. 

    Contract Manufacturing

    We partner with our global customers from the very beginning to deeply understand your electronics manufacturing business, ensuring clear communication and accurate translation of your needs in every way. We apply a rigorous combination of design, manufacturing knowledge, and the latest technology to streamline production and reduce costs. With production lines including SMT, DIP, and AI, we offer a range of capabilities.

    Proven Track Record

    Since 2011 Ark Electronics follows the most widely used acceptability standards in the electronics industry. In 2020, Ark produced 2,790,000 PCBAs for the Haier home washing division and 1,100,000 PCBAs for the Haier Air Conditioning division.  That year Ark won Haier’s Outstanding Contractor Award.    

    Fostering a culture of excellence

    Unified with purpose, Ark has cultivated a remarkable culture of excellence by honoring commitments to our customers and our employee family. This philosophy is instilled throughout the organization. Our shared mission and commitment to excellence have propelled Ark’s rapid rise as we continue to honor our responsibilities to our partners, our employees, and our environment.

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    Attention to detail

    “Ark Electronics has always been an outstanding supplier … and has an advantage in price, quality, and order fulfillment. Ark Electronics provides outstanding products … as our strategic partner.”

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    Finally, a high-efficiency manufacturing

    “Ark Electronics has worked with [us] for over 7 years and won our ‘Outstanding Suppliers’ for two consecutive years. Ark’s operational control, quality control and order fulfillment ability are among the best in the industry.”

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