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How covid-19 changes the IoT environment

While mankind is fighting COVID-19 on a global scale, we realized the need of new technologies and leverage their benefits. However, there are still more undiscovered capabilities and more revolutionary ideas to be evaluated. Of course, it was a shock, but as a result, the impact of Corona Virus epidemic pushed forward the development of […]

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The Future of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

Printed circuit boards have evolved and advanced over a century. The first PCB was invented in the early 1900s by Albert Hanson but it took some years for PCBs until their patenting by Paul Eisler in 1943. Initially, US Army used Printed circuit boards before been integrated in limited consumer products. The integrated circuit wouldn’t […]

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MD&M West in Anaheim

Medical Devices to Market. A speeding process

It is expected for the global medical device manufacturing market to exceed $200 billion by 2025, driven by advancements in technology,  increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, the aging population and other factors. As medtech surges ahead, professionals in this dynamic industry need one place to cross paths annually to swap ideas, find inspiration, overcome challenges, […]

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